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Company Guidelines

Thomas-Walther has researched and implemented all the guidelines and standards that a professional company should abide by. These rules are founded on the doctrines of English Law, international trade rules of UCP 600 and incorporated in the ICC rules set for Incoterms 2000 and now incoterms 2010. These include a safe legal set of standards to enable us to act in the position of a professional consultancy and facilitating service provider. These rules are founded on the doctrines of Basel III policies and procedures to ensure we give all our clients the safest and the most secure consultancy and facilitating service possible.

At Thomas-Walther, when a KYC, CIS or any other documentation is required to initiate or progress a deal, this can and will only ever be sent by a principle to a principle or their nominated legal representative – Thomas-Walther does NOT hold or allow issuing of any principles documentation to any other unauthorised persons

At Thomas-Walther we do not ask for, nor expect clients on either side of the transaction to ask for, upfront fees of any description for any consultancy and facilitating service. If at any point during the consultancy/transaction, up-front fees are requested by any party, the consultancy/transaction will cease immediately.

The primary cultural characteristic of Thomas-Walther is the extent to which knowledge, advice, support, transactional status and situation is shared between all parties, this is to maintain the momentum of the transaction and to also provide peace of mind for all the parties involved. Communication within Thomas- Walther is not top-down but instead flows in all directions. This is critical and an integral part of the company itself.

At Thomas-Walther we use the KYC as an integral part of the company’s compliance and risk management policy to ensure that all our clients, intermediates and consultants can be assured we have strived to mitigate the fraudulent and “joker broker’ elements. Thomas-Walther clients, brokers, intermediates and consultants are required prior to being introduced to any principle to complete the companys basic KYC.

For more Information, please read our Company Policy.

Our Service Principle

Price is perhaps the most important of the four P’s (Product, Promotion and Placement being the others) since it is the only one that generates revenue for the company. Price is most simply described as the value exchange that occurs for a product or service. Broadly, price is the total of all values exchanged for a product or service. Price is dynamic.

When establishing the price for a Product or Service, a company must first assess several factors concerning its potential impact. Commonly reviewed factors include legal and regulatory guidelines, pricing objectives, pricing strategies and options for increasing sales. Advances in Internet Technology have resulted in the increased use of dynamic pricing by some sellers. (Dynamic Pricing is a pricing strategy in which businesses set flexible prices for products or services, based on current market demands.)

Thomas-Walther work only on commission basis, which is clearly stated and agreed in communication and contracts, prior to the purchase or sale by the principle. If the transaction does not complete then Thomas-Walther does not get paid. Thomas-Walther will never inflate a price and will always notify our clients of the ‘true’ price and of any price change, immediately. Too many transactions are lost due to brokers and intermediates focusing on what commission they might earn, rather than what everyone is trying to achieve. Close the deal and the money will follow.