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Thomas-Walther is committed to facilitate investments in infrastructure assets in South East Asia and globally. Our goal is to achieve returns through the Design, Finance, Build, Own, and Operate for a pre- defined lease period prior to Transfer (DFBOOT) of infrastructure assets, which are important to the functioning of regional and local economies. We look to use these investments to generate current income and capital appreciation for our investors.

We seek to drive value creation through distinctive sourcing, deep operational engagement, and active stakeholder management and partnerships. We believe this strategy leads to value- added returns for our investors. The infrastructure projects that Thomas-Walther considers for our investors is typically the basic physical systems of a nation.

Transportation, communication, sewage, water, electric, public services such as roads, railways, airports, and communications networks systems are all examples of infrastructure that Thomas-Walther can invest in. These systems tend to be high-cost investments, however, they are vital to a country’s social and economic development and its prosperity.

Southeast Asia regional markets are at the forefront the global construction boom, a recent PwC report undertook an in-depth analysis of the infrastructure market in 49 countries, accounting for 90 percent of global economic output. The report found that the Asian market is predicted to represent nearly 60 percent of global infrastructure spending by 2025.