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Thomas-Walther is a company set firmly in the traditional morals and values that form the fundamental basis of any successful business: honesty, fairness, openness and transparency and is essentially an external consultant and facilitator at its core.

This philosophy is based not on only the mind set of our team but by speaking extensively to those in the industry that have a tremendous depth of experience. These principles all expressed grave concerns regarding the ethics of many brokers, consultants, facilitators and/or intermediates that are merely looking to expand their networks or focusing only on their own financial rewards and not on the needs of their clients.

Thomas-Walther executive management has taken onboard all of their comments and suggestions and have implemented these suggestions into the policies, procedures and services provided by our company. As a consultancy and facilitating service provider within the industry we play a pivotal and supportive role, with the ultimate goal of speeding and easing the transaction processes for all involved. We achieve that goal by applying traditional values and employing clear, concise, standardised policies and procedures, for the principles.

The range and areas of expertise covered by Thomas-Walthers consultancy and

facilitating service is extremely comprehensive and the means by which Thomas-Walther is engaged vary according to the industry, local practice and by the principles requirements. Thomas- Walther is typically engaged to fulfill a brief in terms of helping/facilitating solutions to specific issues and the way in which this is achieved falls within the constraints such as international law, budgets (if any), resources and restrictions which have been agreed between the client and Thomas-Walther. Thomas-Walther works in an advisory capacity only and is not accountable or responsible for the outcome of the consulting exercise, costs and/or liabilities incurred by any parties.

Thomas-Walther works very closely with all our principles to ensure we can help facilitate any and all reasonable requirements smoothly, expediently and concisely.

Thomas-Walther executives have no interest in sending out continuous multiple offers to unauthorised personnel, in the hope of getting interest to close a transaction. Thomas-Walther strives to achieve a long term, personal, professional and confidential business relationship, with the aim of knowing our principles business needs, their likes and dislikes. We can then use our extensive network to service our client’s requirements and support them from inception to conclusion.


“Thomas Walther becomes the number one professional international trade intermediary service provider in the World”


Thomas Walther is a new company but firmly set in traditional morals and values, which form the fundamental bases to any successful business – which are: honesty, openness, fairness and transparency.


“Thomas Walther will become the best, most effective and innovative professional international trade intermediary service provider in the World”