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At Thomas Walther, we take a systemic and catalyst-driven approach to real estate investing. We shape the outcomes of our transactions by improving operations, optimising the capital structure, and making accretive capital investments. Thomas-Walther believes that the movement of capital from East to West is likely to remain the major influence on real estate in 2016 and joint ventures, wholesaling and property management are just a few of the ways investors can profit from real estate investment within Thomas-Walther. The key areas that our company focuses on depends on our investor’s goal, whether they want steady rental income or a quick turnaround sale.

Thomas-Walther investors normally do not want to act as a landlord with all the upkeep involved and typically want to either turn dilapidated buildings into a profitable sale or by procuring a significant amount of properties off plan (prior to construction) and flipping them for a healthy profit after the construction has been completed and the project goes on sale to the general public.

Thomas-Walther looks and evaluates all the key aspects for real estate investment for their investors, which enables our investors to make informed choices and maximise the potential profit return.