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Tier 1 Visa Programme

Thomas-Walther has the ability to offer its clients the High Net Worth Individual Economic Visa Programme from the United Kingdom, referred to as the “Tier 1 Visa” which includes a United Kingdom residency visa. This can currently be offered to individuals in China, Russia, India and Malaysia with other countries soon to be added.

Requirements and Solution

This solution utilises the shares of an international transaction bank which is also a public limited company, meaning this bank holding company can facilitate legally an unlimited Remenbi, Ruble, Rupee and/or Ringgit capital amount, through the purchase of the banks shares in conjunction with the private placement and the High Net Worth Individual (“HNWI”) can pay for these shares in their home country currency.


The UK Tier 1 Visa programme calls for a minimum of £2,000,000 (£2 Million) British Pounds Sterling to be invested capital in a company which is domiciled in the United Kingdom. This is to ensure that the Tier 1 Visa results in real investments which would stimulate the economy of the United Kingdom. The bank holding company solution enables the shares purchased by HNWI’s would be used for the business plan actuation and business expansions, and at the same time delivering to the HNWI investors real value for their money in the form of shares in a viable enterprise. The bank holding company solution calls for a minimum purchase of shares in the amount of £2,200,000 (£2.2 Million) British Pounds Sterling (or any currency equivalent) per HNWI Investor as per the terms and conditions of bank holding company.

Fixed Foreign Exchange Rates

The bank holding company solution uses fixed foreign currency exchange rates for the full duration of the contract term:

These exchange rates will be agreed between the bank holding company and the HNWI prior to signing any contract.